Thursday, November 10, 2011

Hartford, CT Power Outage

The recent power outage in the Hartford, CT/New England area was a hard and unexpected look into what our society would be like without the abundance of energy we use on a daily basis.  Almost all facets of life were affected, from work, entertainment, and education to our more basic needs such as food, warmth, transportation, and hygiene.  all of these things require natural resources, and our society has been optimized to run on affordable resources.

Several situations made me think how important it is to develop strategies and prepare for when resources become more scarce.  Immense lines at the gas station and lack of quality foods on the few grocery stores that were open are two such examples.  Taking steps to limit their use now will help give us more time to solve these issues.  Finding robust sources of renewable energy should be a key goal of corporations and governments.
People were completely shocked and in many instances crippled by the lack of power and the flaws of the distribution system which I believe wastes resources and keeps minimal stock on hand, so essentials are gobbled up rapidly.  I am aware that people have become used to modern conveniences and I am not suggesting that we take a step back in technology, because thats not practical.  

I am simply saying that we take advantage of this as we have been prompted pretty harshly.

PS: I hope all readers are well and no one suffered extensive damage to body or property!

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