Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Minimalism in Practice: Declutter

Recently, I have begun to reconsider many things in my life.  By things, I mean physical possessions.  I live in a small apartment, it is approximately 800 square feet, it has one bathroom, one open kitchen/living room, and one bedroom.  There is one small storage facility that I use to run my home business.  However, I own hundreds of pieces of clothing, notably over 30 pairs of shoes, over 40 dress shirts, 25+ pairs of pants.  I own a number of kitchen appliances including a Vitamix, George Foreman style grill, Pressure Cooker, 3 frying pans, Le Creuset Dutch Ovens, Sauce Pans, Stock Pots, beer glasses, wine glasses, multiple bowls/plates/small plates/mixing bowls and the list goes on and on.  Do I really need all of this, especially given my limited real estate.  I have a book shelf teeming with books that are rarely read.  Some of these things I love, but some of them I just tolerate.

What to do about all of this?  My goal over the next year is to figure out the items that I use the most, and get rid of the rest.  Sure it is difficult to give up things that you may have purchased for large sums of money, but there is a cost to having immense clutter in your life.  I can donate the items that still have life left to Goodwill, or try to sell them to earn extra cash.  Avenues to sell items include Craigslist and Ebay.  You will be able to help someone repurpose the goods you no longer need, and give them a bargain.  This is good for them and the environment.

The two images above are an exaggeration, but sometimes it feels like that.  Below is my goal.

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