Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Go Green: Literature/Media


The writing industry uses a ton of paper and by regularly buying books, magazines, videos, DVDs, and CDs you contribute to this process. Luckily there are many ways in which you can get the same items in a much more environmentally friendly manner. We have talked about clothing and furniture purchases, there are many ways to find these items used and at a discount. Yard Sales, Thrift Shops, Craigslist, Ebay, and Amazon are all great sources of used media, so that there is no need to buy a brand new copy at Barnes and Noble.

My favorite way to acquire books and other media is at the library. Libraries are funded with the tax dollars you are paying as a resident of your state, town or county. You simply need to walk into a library with proof of your residence and claim the right to use the service you are paying for. Not only are libraries filled with books, but there are also periodicals, tv shows, and movies in a variety of formats. You are also not limited to the single library in your hometown. Almost all libraries have an agreement with a network of libraries and they can deliver content to your local library within several days.

There are also a number of sites that offer credit for trading books or simply just give them away for free. Check out Also, along the same lines as clothes, thrift shops stock a number of books, although they are not as easy to search for as other options, they generally will run you a dollar or two. Thrift shops are a much superior option for old records/vinyl if thats what you are into.

There are a large number of websites offering used books including the well-known Amazon as well as Ebay, and, its subsidiary. My favorite is which allows you to search a large number of vendors at only one site, giving you the best possibly price as well as inventory! Use this as a last resort if you can simply have to OWN the book.

Newspapers may be very quaint and nice to read during your morning routine, but the are especially wasteful.  All of this information is stored electronically and can often be accessed for free.  I like to check out local news at which is a subsidiary of the Boston Globe, but will also check for business news, and various other specific news outlets based on the type of information I am looking for.  This means you save money and save the environment.

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